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Sprinkler System Repairs in Sacramento, California

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

When Service Now! Plumbing & Rooter was founded, our goal was to care for our clients. Now, over 25 years later, we still strive to provide the services you need. That’s why we offer emergency sprinkler services. Our competitive pricing and fast arrival times cannot be beaten. Our fully equipped trucks will be at your home within 60 minutes to resolve your plumbing problems fast.

Diagnose and Repair

Our technicians are trained to evaluate your sprinklers and diagnose your problems. Additionally, we are experts at repairing or replacing broken pipes, heads, valves and water timer systems. We also have a deep understanding of sprinkler electrical care and are able to repair existing wiring or reprogram your sprinkler timers.

New Installation

Whether you have a new home or just need a better sprinkler system design, Service Now! Plumbing & Rooter can help. We are able to design entirely new sprinkler systems and install them in your yard. Whether you have a single family home or a large complex, our technicians get the jobs done fast with a friendly attitude. 

Other Yard Services

Sprinklers may not be enough for your home or business. In some yards, sprinklers do not even make sense. That’s why Service Now! Plumbing & Rooter provides additional yard services. If you are located in Lincoln, Granite Bay, Loomis, Laguna or the surrounding areas and are looking into drainage or irrigation, we are the right company for you.


Compared to sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems are simple to design, inexpensive and easy to install. The team at Service Now! Plumbing & Rooter has all the information and equipment you need to set up a stellar system. If you would rather, we can install everything needed for your irrigation.


Outdoor water buildups cause problems such as a larger mosquito population, flooding problems in your home and possible cracks in your foundation. Service Now! Plumbing & Rooter can install drains or snake out existing yard drains. Keep your water — and problems — away from your building by calling us today.