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Sewer Video Inspections in Sacramento, California

What Are Video Inspections?

Video cameras have become a valuable tool in plumbing. Our cameras are waterproof, allowing us to visually inspect your drains and sewer lines. We use a flexible rod that allows for travel through your pipes, even around corners or under your home’s foundation. We transfer the video in real time to evaluate your pipes.

An In-Depth Look

Our video cameras allow you to travel where you never have before — your pipes. This technology allows you to understand the condition of your pipes and see the issues they may have. Our cameras transmit to a high-resolution monitor to provide a clear picture of the leaks, clogs or other damage.

Down the Drain

If you have ever lost something down the drain, video inspections are for you. A video plumbing inspection allows us to locate the item and bring it back to where it belongs. Don’t spend your time and money guessing at where your items ended up. Instead, call Service Now! Plumbing & Rooter today. We will be at your home within an hour to recover your possessions.

What Are the Benefits?

Video cameras provide many benefits to regular plumbing. Video camera inspections are noninvasive, accurate and cost-effective. Many of our customers request these video inspections for these reasons. Additionally, this inspection process allows plumbers to quickly identify the problem and plan the best solution for you and your pipes.

Identify the Problem

By doing a video camera line inspection, we are able to identify all types of problems. This inspection allows us to determine if a pipe is misaligned, broken, punctured or corroded. It also allows us to find blockages, including grease buildup, root intrusion and other obstructions. It also allows verification of a fixed pipe.

No Guesswork Digging

If we are able to identify a problem while conducting a video inspection, we can begin planning the solution. Our cameras allow us to determine not only the problem but the physical location and depth of where the problem lies. Call Service Now! Plumbing & Rooter today for your video camera inspection in Carmichael, Roseville, Penryn and the surrounding areas.